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Portable Fabric Banners, Rollups and xBanner

Highlight the image of your company at events, fairs and exhibitions with our portable fabric banners, they are light and very easy to assemble.   

Integrate them into your stand to decorate it and increase the visibility of your brand and/or products.

La Caja de Luz Ultradelgada se puede montar en pared o techo (se requiere brazo para montaje en techo).​


La Caja de Luz Portátil incluye mochila con ruedas para guardarlo y transportarlo.

Caja de Luz Ultradelgada

Caja de Luz Ultradelgada

- 22x30 cm., Modelo CLUD22X30 - 31x42 cm., Modelo CLUD31X42 - 43x60 cm., Modelo CLUD43X60 - 50x70 cm., Modelo CLUD50X70 - 60.5x85 cm., Modelo CLUD60x85 - 60x90 cm., Modelo CLUD60x90 - 60x120 cm., Modelo CLUD60X120

Caja de Luz Portátil

Caja de Luz Portátil

- 100x100 Counter, Modelo LBC100X100 - 100x100 Counter con Batería, Modelo LBC100X100-B - 100x200 con Batería, Modelo LB100X200-B - 100x100, Modelo LB100X100 - 100x150, Modelo LB100X150 - 100x200, Modelo LB100X200 - 100x250, Modelo LB100X250 - 300x250, Modelo LB300X250 - 100x200 Slim, Modelo LB100X200 - 200X200 Slim, Modelo LB200x200 - 200x250 Slim, Modelo LB200x250

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